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Social Economic Business Decisions

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This post is a continuation of yesterday (See Iced Grande Coffee with Sugar). We are a day closer to making a decision on buying the coffee house. After a series of meetings today I feel as if we nailed down how the coffee house can work within and outside of our ministry.

As I mentioned yesterday a big part of going forward with this venture is the understanding that we don’t have to turn a profit with the coffee house. We are making the “yes” decision based on giving back to the community of Fort Mill. By making the community and people of Fort Mill the focus we’ll benefit in ways that we can’t put into a spreadsheet.

In this case we’ve taken things a step further and are giving all our employees the option to be part of this venture as an owner. It looks like every single one will join us if we move forward.

So tomorrow the adventure continues as we visit the property and pray for guidance. The Final Verdict was…

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