Together, we can ensure Pineville thrives on smart growth, cherishes its charm, and creates a legacy that we, and our children, can be proud of.

Campaign Announcment

Exciting News! Today, I am thrilled to officially announce my candidacy for Town Council in Pineville!

For the past 8 years, I have had the privilege to live, work, and grow in this remarkable town. Now I am stepping up to give back to the community that’s given me so much.

My campaign is focused on SMART GROWTH. I envision a future where our streets are more pedestrian-friendly, traffic congestion is a thing of the past, and residents enjoy more opportunities for local entertainment, dining, nature, and family fun.

Get Involved

Support Fransen for Pineville

As we move forward with our campaign for Pineville Town Council I extend a warm invitation for you to join me in creating a brighter future for our beloved town. Pineville is a unique place with a distinct charm that we all treasure. As we navigate the path towards growth and development, my pledge to you is to work tirelessly to ensure this growth is managed smartly, thus upholding our commitment to our slogan: “Balancing Progress with Preservation, for a Better Pineville.”

Smart growth is at the core of our campaign. It is not merely a buzzword, but a commitment to future development that respects and enhances our small-town charm, provides for our needs, and creates a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents. It’s about fostering economic development, improving our public services, and enhancing our quality of life, all while preserving the character that makes Pineville so special to us all.

But this campaign isn’t about me – it’s about us, about Pineville. I am calling on each and every one of you, my neighbors, to get involved in this campaign. Your voices, ideas, and passion are crucial for us to strike the balance between progress and preservation. Together, we can shape the direction of our town, influence how it grows, and ensure that Pineville remains a place we are all proud to call home.

I am Eric Fransen, and with your support, we can work together to create a Pineville that thrives on smart growth, cherishes its charm, a

Smart Growth

 Promote economic development that is sustainable, practical, and mindful of Pineville’s unique character.


Preserve and protect the charm and historic identity of Pineville.

Community Involvement

Encourage and facilitate increased community participation in town decisions, particularly regarding growth and development plans.

Parks and Recreation

Enhance and expand Pineville’s parks and recreational programs to cater to all ages of children and adults.

Public Services

Focus on improving Pineville’s public services as part of a growth strategy.

Quality of Life

Strive to improve the quality of life for all Pineville residents by advocating for smart growth policies that result in improved housing, better job opportunities, safer neighborhoods, and a cleaner environment.

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