I’m Eric Fransen, your candidate for Pineville Town Council. I’m running to ensure that as our beloved town grows, it does so in a way that smartly balances progress with preservation. Pineville’s distinct charm and historical identity have always been close to our hearts, and it’s critical that we protect these attributes as we navigate the path of development. Our campaign focuses on areas like smart growth, preservation of our charm, active community involvement, enhancement of parks and recreation programs, improvement of public services, enhancement of quality of life, and sustainability. Together, we can work towards a Pineville that not only grows but thrives while staying true to its roots. Explore the site to learn more about our mission, vision, and how you can get involved in shaping the future of Pineville.

  1. Smart Growth: Promote economic development that is sustainable, practical, and mindful of Pineville’s unique character. Advocate for projects that enhance the town’s prosperity without sacrificing its charm and appeal. Ensure that new development plans consider their impact on the town’s existing infrastructure and environment.

  2. Preservation: Preserve and protect the charm and historic identity of Pineville. Advocate for strategies that allow Pineville to grow while maintaining the aspects of the town that its residents cherish. Work towards preserving Pineville’s natural beauty and promoting its cultural heritage.

  3. Community Involvement: Encourage and facilitate increased community participation in town decisions, particularly regarding growth and development plans. Foster a culture of open dialogue and transparency in town governance. Prioritize the interests, concerns, and ideas of Pineville’s residents in council decisions.

  4. Parks and Recreation: Enhance and expand Pineville’s parks and recreational programs to cater to all ages of children and adults. Develop initiatives to encourage greater use of our beautiful parks and recreational facilities. Advocate for events and activities that promote community engagement, physical fitness, and enjoyment of our town’s natural beauty.

  5. Public Services: Focus on improving Pineville’s public services as part of a growth strategy. This could include enhancing public transportation, improving educational opportunities, and expanding our parks and recreation programs.

  6. Quality of Life: Strive to improve the quality of life for all Pineville residents by advocating for smart growth policies that result in improved housing, better job opportunities, safer neighborhoods, and a cleaner environment.

  7. Sustainability: Promote environmentally friendly policies and sustainable practices in local government and throughout the community. Champion initiatives that protect the town’s natural resources and work towards making Pineville a green and sustainable town.